How to Apply

As of August 10, 2023, all applications are required to abide by the new application guidelines and process approved by the AngelHair, Inc. Board of Directors on August 3, 2023.

To be considered for wig customization, please download, print and complete the Recipient Application and take to your physician for Medical Verification. Please fill out the form completely without any modifications or alterations. Alterations to the form, including but not limited to crossed out content, handwritten clarifications, or overwritten copy will render the form void. Once the form is completed, return the form via Fax to 1-844-891-1384. We will contact you by mail once the form is reviewed to begin your consultation process.

This form is the required first step and no applications will be considered without this form completed in its entirety and a physician signature for the Medical Verification.

*Must be 18 years or older to apply.

Download Application

These requirements must be followed exactly or your application will be returned to you:

• This application and verification must be faxed with the clinic/hospital cover sheet from the physician’s/provider’s
office directly to AngelHair, Inc. at 1-844-891-1384.
• A current copy of your United States Government issued photo I.D. is required to be faxed with this application.

Head Measurement Tutorial (No Sound)

Follow the video instructions to get the correct measurement for your application. If you have questions please contact us.